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Adopting in British Columbia

General Adoption Information

In New Brunswick, there are three types of adoption available:

  • Ministerial (infant and older, special needs and sibling groups)
  • Private (birth parent/s place the child directly with a family they know. There are currently no licensed private adoption agencies in the province.)
  • International

Ministerial adoptions involve New Brunswick's Department of Social Development. The children who are eligible for adoption are in the permanent care of the government. There are some infants available for adoption but the majority of children are over the age of two.

There are currently no licensed private adoption agencies in New Brunswick. Private adoptions do exist, but these are arranged by birth parents who place their child directly with someone known to them. Birth parents and adoptive parents must notify the Minister of the placement.

In 2007, the province of New Brunswick passed new legislation regarding the creation of non-profit adoption agencies that will offer international adoption services. These 'community social service agencies' will be non-profit and offer services like information sessions, registration of prospective adoptive applicants, completion of adoptive home assessments, training and post placement requirements for court purposes and progress reports.





For more information about adoption in New Brunswick, visit the Department of Social Development's web site.

Read:New Brunswick's Child and Family Services Act




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