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Canadian Adoption News and Events Archive


October 16, 2014   Parents wanted, not custodians, for native children
July 30, 2014   Canada Highlights Adoption Tax Credit Expansion
August 9, 2013   Adoption advocates debate use of photo database of children
March 12, 2013   Guelph Heart Gallery Finds Sibling Group a Forever Family
January 9th, 2013   Put children needing parents online: Hudak
October 5th, 2012   Documentary filmmaker Julia Ivanova sheds light on drama of international adoption
May 9th, 2012   Court victory for First Nations child welfare
February 26th, 2012   Canadian foster care in crisis, experts say
January 17th, 2012   Commons recommendations could ease adoptions in Canada
January 4th, 2012   Government of Canada Provides More Support for Families
September 25, 2011   Toronto AdoptWalk 2011
May 17, 2011   Ontarians support more aid for parents who adopt, poll suggests
February 26, 2011   120,000 Chinese Children Find Homes Abroad
December 10, 2010   OACAS releases Child Welfare Report "Your Children's Aid"
July 22, 2010   Adoption fees at private agencies hiked for first time in decade
June 4, 2010   Moratorium imposed on adoptions from Nepal
May 29, 2010

Canadian Study of Special Needs Adoptive Parenting



May 1, 2010

Nepal adoption suspension riles Canadians



April 25, 2010

The Adoption Resource Exchange Conference



February 25, 2010

Child welfare panel set to begin work



January 22, 2010

Canada gets agreement from Haiti to evacuate adopted children



November 23, 2009

Adoption: Every Child Deserves a Home, Researchers Urge


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