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Books About Adoption for Children

Looking for a good book to explain adoption to your child(ren)? To purchase, or learn more about a particular book, click on the book's "Buy from" button. Also, check out our list of "Books About Adoption For Adults".


We Are Adopted (Let's Talk About It Books)
by: Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
“A little girl is very excited because now she has a baby brother—an adopted baby brother. A few years earlier, she too had been adopted."

Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born
by: Jamie Lee Curtis
A sweet look at adoption, the story is framed as a much-loved and clearly much-requested family tale, & rings true from beginning to end.

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I Wished For You

I Wished for You: an Adoption Story
by Marianne R. Richmond
conversation between Barley Bear and his Mama as they curl up in their favorite cuddle spot and discuss how they became a family.

God Found Us You

God Found Us You
by: Lisa Tawn Bergren
Another collaboration by the team behind God Gave Us You (2000), this book will resonate with many adopted children as well as their adoptive parents.


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Buy from Amazon
Adoptive Families are Families for Keeps
  Adoptive Families are Families for Keeps
by Lissa Cowan
After living with three foster families, Tara is ready to be adopted. Children will follow Tara on her journey from foster care to adoption through a series of activities and a touching story
  A Koala for Katie   A Koala for Katie: An Adoption Story
by: Jonathan London
Katie thinks a lot about babies. She wonders about the time she was adopted and about her first mommy. It feels good when Mommy and Daddy tell her how much they love her.
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Buy from Amazon
  Lucy's Family Tree
by Karen Halvorsen Schreck
When Lucy comes home from school with a family tree assignment, she asks her parents to write her a note to excuse her from the task. Lucy's adoption from Mexico makes her feel as though her family is too "different."

A Mother for Choco
  A Mother for Choco
by Keiko Kasza
Choco is a little yellow bird who lives all alone. He wishes he had a mother, but who could she be? One day, he decides to search for a mother.

Buy from Amazon
Buy from Amazon
My Adopted Child, There's No One Like You   My Adopted Child, There's No One Like You
by Kevin Leman & Kevin Leman II
Adopted children need to know they are special, loved, and secure. Read this book with your adopted child to show them the never-ending reach of your love.

My Family Is Forever
  My Family is Forever
by Nancy Carlson
Being part of a family isn't about who you look like or where you were born, it's about loving and being loved. Carlson's cheerful book looks at how one little girl came into her parent's lives through adoption and made them a family forever.
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  I Don't Have Your Eyes
by Carrie Kitze
A beautifully illustrated and uplifting book that helps to create the intimate parent/caregiver and child bond that is so important within a family.
  Happy Adoption Day!
by: John McCutcheon
This adaptation of McCutcheon's song commemorates the day when a child joins an adoptive family. Complete with musical notation, these verses reassure adopted children they are special. Full-color illustrations.
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Buy from Amazon
The Best Single
  The Best Single Mom in the World: How I Was Adopted
by Carrie Kitze
A single adoptive mother and her young daughter take turns sharing their adoption story at bed time... Throughout the book a warm feeling of belonging is emphasized.
  We See The Moon   We See the Moon
by Carrie Kitze
An elegant and evocative book for adopted children to open the birthparent and adoption dialog between parent and child.
Buy from Amazon
Buy from Amazon

I Love You Like Crazy Cakes
by: Rose A. Lewis
I Love You Like Crazy Cakes will warm the cockles of any new parent's heart, especially those who have recently adopted a child.



The Starlight Baby
'by: Gillian Shields
There was a baby who had no mother, crying in the starlight. And as the stars burned, the baby's tears called to the watching world.

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Buy from Amazon


A Sister for Matthew: A Story About Adoption
by: Pamela Kennedy
Matthew is getting a baby sister - from China. An encouraging story for adoptive parents and for big sisters and brothers too



Waiting for May
by: Janet Morgan Stoeke
In this beautifully rendered tale, a young boy eagerly anticipates the arrival of his new sister, who is living in China and waiting to be adopted by his family.

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Buy from Amazon

Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale
by: Karen Katz
A magical, reassuring story of one adoptive family's beginnings.



Ten Days and Nine Nights: An Adoption Story
by: Yumi Heo
Follow a little girl as she and her family prepare for the new baby that will soon be joining them.

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Buy from Amazon

Rebecca's Journey Home
by: Brynn Olenberg Sugarman
Two young brothers eagerly await their mom's return from Vietnam with their newly adopted baby sister Rebecca.



The Red Blanket
by: Eliza Thomas
This is a beautiful love letter of a story, written by a single mother to her adoptive daughter from China.

Buy from Amazon
Buy from Amazon


My Mei Mei
by: Ed Young
More than anything else in the world, Antonia wants a Mei Mei, little sister, to call her own.



The Thunderstruck Stork
by: David Olson & Lynn Munsinger
Webster the stork is proud of his work delivering animal babies. But when he crashes into a hot-air balloon, something goes wrong in his head ....

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