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Adopting in Quebec

General Adoption Information

For Québec families, there are four types of adoption from which to choose: Regular or "Local" Adoption, Banque Mixte adoptions, International adoption and special adoptions.

All adoptions involving children born in Québec are overseen by the public social services organization, "Association des Centres Jeunesse du Québec."

Internal or "Local" adoptions are typically those of newborns or young infants but can also be for children as old as four years. This kind of adoption is usually a 'consent adoption' where birth parents consent to the child's adoption. Adoptive applicants must be registered with, and on the waiting list, of the Centre Youth in their area. As mentioned above, waiting times for a newborn can be anywhere from 4 to 8 years.

Banque Mixte is another route of adoption in Québec and is similar to the 'Foster with a View to Adopt' programs in provinces like Ontario. The children that are placed into the "Mixed Bank" are not legally admissible for adoption at the time of placement with a family of 'reception.' These families are aware that the child could be returned to his/her biologically family but for the majority of such placements, the children do not return to their biological families and do eventually become free to be adopted.

International adoption is by far the most popular choice for families in Québec. The Secrétariat à l'adoption internationale is Québec's central authority for international adoptions. There are 13 international adoption agencies in the province that are licensed to arrange international adoptions with various countries.

A special adoption is where a family member adopts a relative or a step parent adopts their spouse's child.


For more information about adoption in Quebec, visit the following web sites:

Visit Centre jeunesse de Québec for information about local and Banque Mixte adoptions.

Visit the The Secrétariat à l'adoption internationale for information and resources regarding international adoption for Québec residents.




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