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Adopting in Alberta

General Adoption Information

In Ontario, prospective adoptive parents can choose from three types of adoption:

  • Public adoption through the Children's Aid Society
  • Private adoption through a licensed agency or individual
  • International adoption through a licensed non-profit organization

In Ontario, all adoptions are the responsibility of The Ministry of Children and Youth Services. There are two kinds of adoption involving children living in Ontario: public and private.

A public adoption is conducted through a Children's Aid Society (CAS). Many of the children available for adoption through CAS have special needs. Such needs could including being a part of a sibling group that needs to stay together, children who are between the ages of 8 and 18 years of age, and children who may have medical, physical, developmental, learning and emotional problems. There are some infants available for adoption but most infant adoptions are through the private agencies.

The second type of adoption involving children in Ontario is private adoption. These adoptions are arranged by individual licensees or agencies licensed by the Ministry. The majority of private adoptions are for newborn babies or young infants. There are several agencies/licensees throughout Ontario that offer services to both birth parents and adoptive families.

For Ontario residents, there are many international adoption programs involving various countries around the world. These programs are handled by Ontario agencies that are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Community & Social Services and the Ministry of Children & Youth Services. Each country permitting international adoption has different requirements, and the agencies are responsible for liaising with the foreign authorities to arrange adoptions.




For more information about adoption in Ontario, visit The Ministry of Children and Youth Services web site. (click here)

Visit AdoptOntario's web site for information about adoption in Ontario and to view profiles of waiting children.

Visit Ontario's web site for the Association of Children's Aid Societies

Read: Ontario's Child and Family Services Act


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