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Adopting in British Columbia

Private Domestic Adoption

Nova Scotia does not have any private adoption agencies but this type of adoption can still be arranged in the province. The following types of private adoptions can be accomplished:

Private Interprovincial Adoption: Since the regulations and laws for adoption vary from province to province, a private interprovincial adoption can be very complex. Families and the birth parent(s) who may be considering this should contact their local Children's Services Agency and/or a lawyer before entering into and/or proceeding with this type of adoption arrangement. The Nova Scotia Adoption Information Line is 1-866-259-7780.

Private Relative Adoption: This type of adoption is when a child is adopted within a family or by a step-parent. No child welfare agencies are involved. Those involved in this type of adoption should contact a lawyer or the Legal Information Society Lawyer Referral Service at 902-455-3135 or 1-800-665-9779.