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Adopting in British Columbia

Private Domestic Adoption

In Manitoba, private domestic adoptions are facilitated by a licensed adoption agency or a Child and Family Services agency. Birth parents make an adoption plan for their baby and are actively involved in selecting the adoptive family. The agency provides services to both the birth and adoptive families. In some instances, a birth family may request that the agency select the adoptive family based on certain criteria they have outlined.

Cost of Private Domestic Adoptions
Private adoption is not free. With most domestic private adoptions, prospective adoptive parents pay the registration fees with the agency, the cost of the homestudy (ranges anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000), cost of the education program, and a placement fee when the child is actually placed in the home. The total costs can range anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000.

The Private Adoption Process

STEP 1: Register with a licensed, private adoption agency in Manitoba. Fill out the required forms and attend an information session or education program offered by the agency.

STEP 2: The Homestudy Report. This is probably the scariest part of the adoption process for most applicants. A social worker will visit your home over the span of several months and interview you about your life, your family and your home environment. You will be asked to discuss many personal issues; your worker will want to know about your childhood, your religious beliefs, education, past relationships and marriages, as well as your views on parenting. It's important that you're honest with your worker so that he/she will be able to portray a clear and accurate view of your family in the homestudy report.

As part of the homestudy process, you will be asked to complete the following important documents and clearances:

1. Police Clearance Check.
2. Medicals
3. References from persons you designate
4. Medicals
5. Financial Statement

STEP 3: Write a "Dear Expectant Parent" letter and create a profile to submit to your agency for birth families to review. Ask your agency if they have any guidelines or for some examples of profiles that have proven successful.

STEP 4: Wait! For most prospective adoptive parents, this can be a very difficult and frustrating time as there is no set time limit. Birth parents choose the family to adopt their baby and each has their own vision of the ideal family for their baby.

STEP 5: The match! If you've been chosen by a birth family, your agency will contact you with the good news. Depending on the birth parents, you most likely will have the opportunity to meet with them before the placement to see if you're a good fit. It's at this meeting that you will most likely discuss an openness agreement and set the boundaries for your future relationship. Some families choose limited contact while some birth parents and adoptive parents become very close and agree to meet regularly before the birth. Many birth mothers ask the adoptive parents to attend the birth!

STEP 6: Open your home to your new son or daughter! In Manitoba, birth parents may sign consents to an adoption 48 hours after the birth of their child. This is done through a lawyer. With these consents signed and with the approval of the agency, the adoptive parents may receive the child. The approval of the agency indicates that a homestudy was completed successfully and that required services were provided to the birth parents.

The birth parents may withdraw their consents for 21 days after signing them. After the 21-day withdrawal period, the adoptive parents' lawyer may make an application to court for an Order of Adoption. A copy of that application must be given to the birth parents and to the agency that provided service.

STEP 7: Post-placement and Finalization! Once the 21 day withdrawal period expires and no consents are withdrawn, your agency can move forward to the adoption finalization. Your worker will visit you for several months to ensure the placement is successful and to gether information for a report required for finalization. Once all the paperwork regarding your adoption has been submitted and reviewed, your family's adoption will be finalized in Court.


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