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Adopting in Alberta

The Process for Non-Hague Adoptions in Alberta

STEP 1: The adoptive family completes the International Adoption Application and forwards it to Adoption and Permanency Services. This form is available through adoption agencies or at the Government of Alberta's web site.

STEP 2: Alberta's Adoption and Permanency Services determines if the application is acceptable and advises applicants of issues that may impact the privately arranged adoption.

STEP 3: If the application is accepted, applicants can obtain a Home Assessment Report from a licensed adoption agency.

STEP 4: Applicants must complete the adoption agency's training program for international adoptions.

STEP 5: The licensed adoption agency works with the family and completes the Home Assessment Report. Once reviewed and signed by the adoptive parents and agency staff, the agency forwards the report to Alberta's Adoption and Permanency Services for provincial approval.

STEP 6: Adoption and Permanency services reviews the Home Assessment Report. If they approve the applicants for international adoption, Adoption and Permanency Services forwards the original Home Assessment and two letters of approval to the adoptive family.

STEP 7: The adoptive family gathers the Home Assessment Report and all other require documents and compiles them into an adoption dossier. An adoption agency or coordinator can assist families in compiling and reviewing the adoption dossier.

STEP 8: The adoptive family or their licensed agency/coordinator arranges for the adoption dossier to be translated, notarized, authenticated and verified according to the legal requirements of the child’s country of origin.

STEP 9: The adoptive family or the agency/coordinator forwards the completed dossier, along with the required number of copies, to Adoption and Permanency Services.

STEP 10: Adoption and Permanency Services forwards the dossier by courier to the Central Authority in the child’s country of origin and requests the dossier be provided to an agency approved by the Central Authority to facilitate an international adoption.

STEP 11: Adoptive parents are responsible for their child’s entry into Canada. As of December 23, 2007, families can now choose from two processes: citizenship or immigration. Detailed information can be found here about Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

STEP 12: Adoption and Permanency Services corresponds with the adoptive family and the child’s country until all the information required by the child’s country is complete.

STEP 13: The Central Authority or delegate in the originating country selects a child to be matched with the adoptive family in Alberta.

STEP 14: The matching proposal, which includes the child’s description, a photograph, medical and background information, is forwarded by the agency in the child’s country to their Central Authority. The Central Authority in the child's country then forwards the proposal to Adoption and Permanency Services in Alberta. On occasion, the match will come directly from the agency in the child’s country.

STEP 15: Adoption and Permanency Services will contact the coordinator or the translator if the “match” requires translation. The family is not identified to the coordinator or translator.

STEP 16: Adoption and Permanency Services reviews the “match” to ensure consistency with the Home Assessment recommendation or begins Alberta’s review process for a child with medical concerns.

STEP 17: If Adoption and Permanency Services deems the match appropriate, it provides the referral information to the family’s Alberta agency. The agency proposes the match to the applicants and forwards all information to them, including a “Letter of Acceptance/Decline”.

STEP 18: The adoptive family receives the information and are encouraged to discuss the information with their family doctor or appropriate specialists.

STEP 19: The adoptive family advises Adoption and Permanency Services of their decision regarding adoption of the proposed child by completing the Letter of Acceptance/Decline. The original signed letter is required.

STEP 20: Adoption and Permanency Services advises the Central Authority in the child’s country of Alberta’s agreement and the adoptive family’s decision and Alberta’s position by forwarding the appropriate Notification of Agreement Letter.

STEP 21: If Adoption and Permanency Services approves the match and the adoptive family agrees to the adoption of the child, the child’s Central Authority proceeds with obtaining an immigration medical on the child, arranging for the child’s travel and finalizing the adoption in the court.

STEP 22: Citizenship and Immigration Canada must be contacted in order to arrange for the child's entry into Canada. Once applications are approved and all the child passes the medical and other requirements for admission to Canada, the child will be approved to enter Canada. In a minority of cases, adoption orders are finalized in Alberta.

STEP 23: Adoption and Permanency Services encourages the adoptive family to travel to the child’s country to receive placement. Adoptive families should advise Adoption and Permanency Services of the date they plan to travel.

STEP 24: When the adoptive family returns to Alberta, they must advise Adoption and Permanency Services of the child’s arrival in Alberta.

STEP 25: Post placement/post adoption follow-up reports, as required by the child’s country of origin, are provided by licensed adoption agencies. These must be arranged by the adoptive family.

STEP 26: If the adoption is being finalized in Alberta, the child’s placement is supervised by a licensed adoption agency.

STEP 27: The child’s country provides consent to the adoption and the petition is prepared and filed in Court by the Alberta agency.

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